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Transformational Development for Women in Leadership

Are you looking to improve your career development and progression in leadership?  Do you want to become more emotionally intelligent by improving your skills? 


The Transformational Leadership Programme is a 5-month course (one day a month), exploring and weaving emotional and cultural intelligence into participants' development by walking them through a step by step leadership pathway enabling them to develop as they grow.

Women have a significant contribution to make in leading emotional and cultural change and driving a model of collaborative and distributed leadership within all working industries and arenas.  With a strong focus and alignment to their organisations' vision for sustainable growth; enabling them to contribute to building a bridge between the present and the future for women within leadership roles or aspiring leaders across all boundaries by investing in their economic, social and political lives.

Core components of the course are:

  • Transforming and Enhancing Your Leadership Style 

  • Vision, Values and Behaviours 

  • Developing Your Power and Presence as a Leader

  • Strategic Planning and Thinking 

  • Action Planning for Leadership Success


Who is the programme aimed at:


  • Women who are already in leadership roles, women who have just been promoted to a leadership role and, those aspiring leaders who are serious in taking the next step in furthering their development by enhancing their leadership skills and competences. 

After completing this course you will:


  • Have a clear understanding of your EQ profile and how to maximise yor potential as a leader

  • Develop a clear and effective process to enable you to work collaboratively with others across your organisational infrastructure

  • Become more aware of your power and presence as an effective communicator

  • Become a more influential as a leader

  • Have a clear and concise formula for positive work-life balance

Participants on the programme will get:

  • An in-depth EQ leadership profile using the EQ-i 2.0 psychometric assessment tool

  • A one-to-one coaching session (to be arranged after 1st session), continuous support via email/text throughout the duration of the course

  • Training environment and smaller class sizes to enable full benefits of the learning experience

Venue:  In-house to organisations only.

*FREE* Taster Session.  Contact us to arrange this and to find out more!


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