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EISAP2.0 Certification
Programme (CEP)

We all know people who are in full control of their emotions.  They’re calm in a crisis, and they make decisions sensitively, however stressful the situation.  We also know people who can read the emotions of others and they in turn can, understand what to say to make people feel better, and know how to inspire them to take action to move things forward for themselves or other initiatives that are presented.  People like this have high emotional intelligence (or EI).  They have strong relationships, and they manage difficult situations calmly and effectively.  They’re also like to be resilient in the face of adversity.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) is our ability to recognise, understand, and regulate our emotions.  It helps to break it down into four main categories when trying to understand it.  The four main sets of skills are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.


So, how emotionally intelligent are you, and how can you develop further, whilst developing others? 


The starting point is to know where you are now, the EISAP 2.0© Certified Practitioner Programme (CEP) answers that question.  As a certified EISAP 2.0©  Practitioner, you will be equipped with the tools and resources to:  assess, develop and empower others, whilst aligning your training to organisational vision, values, culture, including learning and developmental initiatives.


Participants are taken through a rigorous process where they present the principles back as part of their development and, have to deliver a session as part of their training and certification upskill.     Tools and resources are shared to empower and motivate individuals to present using different styles that can be used within any form of development or presentation arena.

target audience: This certification programme is aimed at anyone who has a keen interest in understanding the practices and principles of Emotional Intelligence and specifically, those individuals who are educators, trainers, facilitators, speakers and HR professionals.  The practices and principles of Emotional Intelligence along with the EISAP 2.0 model will enable participants to develop others within their organisations or as part of their own business offerings.  Our goal is to support participants on how they can develop their knowledge and understanding so they can support those they have a duty of care towards.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Present with style and give effective feedback

  • Define what Emotional Intelligence (EI) is and its importance

  • Define the components of the EISAP2.0 Model

  • Explore the process in administering the EISAP2.0 assessment

  • Successfully deliver a session on Emotional Intelligence covering all components of the EISAP2.0 Model

DURATION:  3 Days - delivered Virtually 

dATE:  New Dates for  2024 TBC!


Also available as an organisational in-house programme

Contact us for more details

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How To Get Started
Contact us to discuss your organisational needs, requirements and
answer any questions you may have about the certification programme.
"A journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step." 
~Lao Tzu~
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