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Knowledge is truly empowering and, is transferable and adaptable within any organisational industry and infrastructure.  As you delve more into Emotional Intelligence (EI); it's good to gain perspective from contributors as you venture along your EI Journey, whilst you build your knowledge and hone your skills. 


Emotional Intelligence is in everything we do and, is seamlessly interwoven into any industry arena through various recruitment, training or coaching initiatives; where the concept is embrace with a 'top down, bottom up' approach to organisational growth and people development.


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Suggested Reading

John D. Mayer Ph.D., The Personality Analyst

Psychology Today:  This is the second of two posts on Emotional Intelligence, written for Charaktery magazine, by John Mayer.

John D. Mayer Ph.D., The Personality Analyst

Psychology Today: Does emotional intelligence exist — and if so, is it of any importance? It first helps to know what emotional intelligence is and is not.

Tap in and Top up your knowledge

Here's a roundup of the most-read HRZone articles in 2017. Topics span leadership, people analytics, diversity, wellbeing, employee engagement and more. Check the list and make sure you haven't missed out on what your peers have already read.

By Mary Gormandy White

Many managers and business owners find themselves wondering, "What is the role of emotional intelligence in business today?"

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Jacqueline Hinds talks to Dr Hank on:  Promoting excellence in service and care for patients with dementia, has had a significant impact on the staff working within the dementia care management arena.  Stress levels and burnout of caregivers without adequate support, has resulted in the essential need of respite by way of development and coaching to support and promote their health and wellbeing whilst they administer and provide essential and effective care to their patients.  

In the current healthcare climate, the effect of severe cuts in service provisions and staff shortages, whilst maintaining optimum levels of output, has left care givers somewhat jaded over a period of time.  Some have gone to the extent of seeking other opportunities due to lack of job satisfaction and challenges around demanding work commitments; consistently taking them beyond their core working hours. Training in the application of emotional intelligence just might be the answer. 

Dementia Caregivers and the role of Emotional Intelligence

Sandra Gilbert, Dementia Care Home Manager and Jacqueline Hinds talk about Emotional and Cultural Intelligence and the impact these can have on a person living with dementia. They also discuss how caring for someone living with dementia can be incredibly rewarding but it can also be incredibly challenging.

Maintaining Emotional Intelligence and Well-being of Dementia Carers and Care Management Staff

The Dr Hank Show

Interview with Dr Hank Clemons, CEO and Founder of the Society of Emotional Intelligence.  Jacqueline Hinds shares her experiences as a member of staff working in the two largest merged NHS Trusts in UK and Europe.  Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (circa. 10,000 staff) and Barts Health NHS Trust (15,000) and, as an internal service provider, training and coaching staff through the transformation process of the newly merged organisations via development workshops, coaching and career transitioning programmes.

Transformation in Healthcare and the role of Emotional Intelligence

The Dr Hank Show

Interview with Dr Hank Clemons, CEO and Founder of the Society of Emotional Intelligence, on his weekly online radio show.  Jacqueline Hinds speaking about women's empowerment and development in particular experiences with running a women's development programme.

The Springboard Women’s Development Programme is designed for women from all backgrounds, ages and stages of their lives. It allows women to enhance their own skills and abilities, challenge power and equality, while building confidence, assertiveness and a positive image.

Women's Empowerment and Development

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