"I highly recommend Jacqueline. She is a career coach  and consultant who really knows how to listen to her clients,  easily navigating the emotional and practical support needed by each individual. She helped me identify the next step in my career, resolve work-life balance issues, explore the possibility of living abroad and set objectives for what I wanted to accomplish. 


When writing my first Linkedin blog and revamping my CV she was extremely helpful! I can honestly say that I have been impressed with the structure and focus of each coaching session. Jacqueline is the complete package; acting as a dispassionate sounding board, encouraging her clients to forge ahead, generate ideas and offer the right amount of input. Each session has been productive and yielded tangible results."

Elisabeth Ukanah, Senior Campaign Manager

Cabinet Office, England

I wanted to say thank you Jacqueline for agreeing to be the keynote speaker at Preston Manor School’s 2019 Year 11 Careers Fair.  The students and staff really enjoyed your speech and commented that it was inspiring, engaging and thought provoking.

Your quote "Show me your friend and I'll tell you their character" spoke volumes to some of the students and seemed to also get them thinking about your other messages about being your own person, having a plan and grabbing opportunities.

It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we could work together on many other projects.

Christelle Nyakeru, Careers Coordinator

Preston Manor School, Wembley, London, England

Jacqueline A. Hinds from Wilson Hinds Consulting was commissioned to design a programme that incorporated Equality and Inclusion with PAH and, has recently delivered with success, the Equality & Inclusion Champion (EQI) Training Programme; providing our hospital with a newly formed network of EQI Champions, who are emotionally intelligent around supporting staff, patients and  their relatives around the 9 protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.  Jacqueline has also previously delivered essential mandatory training for our clinical and non clinical staff supporting our compliance initiatives around staff development.  


I would thoroughly recommend Jacqueline Hinds as a credible service provider, who uses her diverse range of knowledge, skills and expertise when engaging her target audience.

Alexandra Anyanwu, Head of Core Training & Development

The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, London, England

“As a volunteer role model for BTEG’s R2S programme, Jacqueline always brings passion and fun to the sessions with the young females that we work with. She connects with the young people and most importantly listens and empathises with the challenges that they are facing, this is what makes Jacqueline such an asset to the role model programme. Jacqueline is keen to offer the young people advice and equip them with the skills that they will need to achieve in the future, above all she shares her own journey which inspires the young people to believe in their dreams”.

Brianna Cyrus, Programme Manager, Black Training Enterprise Group (BTEG)

London, England

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Jacqueline Hinds for her support during our Careers Day at Deptford Green School. These activities would not be a success without the support of volunteers such as yourself who are able to inspire the young people we work with.  We are extremely grateful to you for giving up your time and I really hope you enjoyed the time you spent at the school.

Tiffany Osumah, Transitions Project Officer, Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

London, England

I am the creator of the RISE Conference, it was important for me to find strong, positive speakers for my event to deliver my desire to inspire and empower the audience.  My first port of call was to speak to Jacqueline Hinds as she is a professional Speaker, Entrepreneur and great all round individual, who knows how to plan, structure and deliver engaging presentations, workshops and developmental programmes.


It truly has been a pleasure to work with Jacqueline as she has contributed to all my endeavours and really has gone out of her way not only to be a part of my conference but, other business initiatives.  


When you commission Jacqueline Hinds to undertake projects on staff development, empowerment and coaching, you know that you are going to get the best of her and her cornucopia of skills, as she weaves emotional and cultural intelligence into the developmental framework.  The rewards reaped by her clients are great.


I look forward to working with Jacqueline again.

London, England

Jacqueline has been very supportive of our Team of Bilingual Health Advocate here at Barts Health NHS. She designed and delivered a unique training workshop for us looking at Emotional & Cultural Intelligence, which included the diversity around the patient experience and advocacy. The team thoroughly enjoyed the session and felt empowered by her insights and teaching. Her passion and dedication in supporting communities was apparent in her dissemination and engagement with my staff who were from different countries and spoke over 20 different languages and dialects between them.  Her expertise, training style, engagement with staff; coupled with her charisma and kindness makes her an exceptional champion to all communities. Her experiences and insights into working across diverse cultures is unique and innovative.   We are looking forward to more training and coaching sessions with her.

Malika Atoussi, Head of Bilingual Health Advocacy and Interpreting Service, (Newham Hospital), Barts Health NHS Trust

London, England

I have known Jacqueline for a number of years and during that time, I have seen nothing but the demonstration of a true HR professional, one who is multi-talented, known for her high rated training style with a flair for innovation and creativity in the development of people. 


As an inspiring coaching leader, she solidifies her coaching skills with the art and science of Emotional Intelligence by becoming a certified EI Coach.  Therefore, I was not surprised that she became chair of the UK chapter, raising awareness through talks and courses.  Having attended one of her recent sessions at the BBC, hosted by the Black & Asian forum, I found her dynamic style of delivery engaging, humorous and thought provoking, while ensuring there was clear understanding of:  Emotional Intelligence, what it is, what it’s not and the history.  The highlight of the session for me, was completing my own Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment Profile (EISAP), which challenged me to further enhance my EI profile and build my knowledge.


Jacqueline’s driver is about not getting comfortable but the continual striving for excellence. It is a pleasure collaborating, sharing knowledge and expertise with her.

Valerie Brown-Beckford, Leadership & Management Development Consultant, Tripple B Associates

London, England

Jacqueline Hinds, recently delivered an invigorating and informative presentation at our 8th Annual Society of Emotional Intelligence Conference. Her knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare and, especially her experience at two of the largest merged Trusts (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Barts Health NHS Trust), was a bonus, as she expertly laid out for the audience the essential role that emotional intelligence plays within progressive organisational change initiatives in the health and wellness arena. 

Tampa, Florida USA

Jacqueline is a dynamic facilitator. She combines her knowledge and humour to deliver her sessions effectively

Cherron Inko-Tariah MBE, Founder The Power of Staff Networks

London, England

Jacqueline has an authentic style in facilitation and delivery.  She is able to establish the training objectives and communicate them in a clear and concise manner, allowing the audience to digest it which, in turn opens up dialogue.  Jacqueline is mindful of the quality of engagement and, keeps the momentum upbeat, in doing so adds a positive feel to the presentation, with the training materials and handouts used, complimenting the presentation.

Janet Brown, Life Coach, Founder of Grace for Life

London, England

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