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Workshops are tailored to organisational vision, values and culture.


Emotional Health & Wellbeing Series

A series of 3 x 1-hour virtual workshops that  is delivered via the Zoom platform and creates a (w)holistic learning experience where participants can explore effective emotional resilience and coping strategies, and environment that support individuals discuss topics and concerns around the pandemic and how it has affected them.

  • Session 1: Strategies for Success - Exploring strategies to help individuals to better cope with thoughts/ feelings impacting how they navigate the new working environment which may be affecting work/life balance.


  • Session 2: Emotional Intelligence and  Creating Effective Coping Mechanisms - Exploring the importance of understanding and tapping into Emotional Intelligence to build robust coping mechanisms.


  • Session 3: Three key components of Emotional Resilience - Exploring the key components of Emotional Resilience to support them as we venture into the 'new normal' workspace and workplace.

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an introduction to emotional &
cultural intelligence
EQ CQ model.jpg

Understanding Emotional and Cultural Intelligence is crucial in the world we live in today. 
Being  emotionally and culturally intelligent, enables individuals to work and relate effectively with others across a variety of cultural contexts

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