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The Multilateral Approach to Emotional Intelligence
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DURATION:  3-Hours 

target audience: This workshop will introduce participants to the multilateral approach to Emotional Intelligence which incorporates Emotional & Cultural Intelligence along with Emotional Resilience. Participants will have the opportunity to deep-dive into each segment on the model, undertaking group exercises and polls, giving them space to ask those informed and enquiring questions on the subject matter and how to apply the practices and principles to themselves, their roles, and their everyday lives.

Using the Multi-Lateral Approach to Emotional Intelligence model during this workshop, enables participants to be inducted in Emotional and Cultural Intelligence as well as Emotional Resilience, giving them a (w)holistic approach to the competencies and resilience in the workplace.


Resilience is often described as a person's ability to adapt and bounce back when things are up against them and things may have gone awry.  Resilient people don’t dwell on their mistakes or failures; what they tend to do is acknowledge the situation they are in, learn from the situation at hand, and then move on from it.

Having a high level of resilience does not necessarily mean you will avoid stress; it means you will be able to adapt and recover more effectively from it. We can’t always choose the situations we find ourselves in, but we can always make a decision on how best we can deal with or respond to it in the long run.

  • Being resilient helps us deal with the challenge's life throws at us. 

  • Resilience is not an innate quality, not everyone is resilient. Some of us struggle to adapt to stress or deal with difficult experiences, cope with emotions or furthermore develop trusting relationships.

  • Resilience is an asset that can be developed and nurtured. It can be enhanced through experiences, through learning to adapt positively to adversity and challenges faced.

Learning Outcomes: Attendees will walk away from this session with the following key aspects of the Multilateral Approach to Emotional Intelligence and how they can apply it to their everyday lives, whether work, home, or social settings: 

  • Explore the Multilateral Approach to Emotional Intelligence and, how these dovetails into their Emotional Wellness

  • Explore the models and, practices, and principles of Emotional and Cultural Intelligence

    • Exploring Emotional Intelligence Model: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management

    • Exploring Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Model: CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Strategy and CQ Action

  • Exploring the Emotional Resilience model (inc., mind, body, and spirit) and the steps one can take to safeguard emotional wellness within the workplace

  • This is an interactive session and participants will be encouraged to ask questions receive an eBook with a short EQ quiz and information on what is covered.

Contact us for more details on this workshop.

Can also be delivered as an in-house organisational


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