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DURATION:  3-Hours 

target audience: This workshop is targeted for individuals, employees, people and performance managers or HR professionals who would like to develop resilience within themselves and specifically within the workplace.  Our goal is to support participants on how they can improve resilience and emotional wellbeing for themselves but, for those they have a duty of care towards.

Using the Multi-Lateral Approach to Emotional Intelligence model during this workshop, enables participants to be inducted in Emotional and Cultural Intelligence as well as Emotional Resilience, giving them a (w)holistic approach to the competencies and resilience in the workplace.


Resilience is often described as a person's ability to adapt and bounce back when things are up against them and things may have gone awry.  Resilient people don’t dwell on their mistakes or failures; what they tend to do is acknowledge the situation they are in, learn from the situation at hand, and then move on from it.

Having a high level of resilience does not necessarily mean you will avoid stress; it means you will be able to adapt and recover more effectively from it.  We can’t always choose the situations we find ourselves in, but we can always make a decision on how best we can deal with or respond to it in the long run.

  • Being resilient helps us deal with the challenge's life throws at us. 

  • Resilience is not an innate quality, not everyone is resilient. Some of us struggle to adapt to stress or deal with difficult experiences, cope with emotions or furthermore develop trusting relationships.

  • Resilience is an asset that can be developed and nurtured. It can be enhanced through experiences, through learning to adapt positively to adversity and challenges faced.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define what emotional resilience is and explore the key principles

  • Gain insight into Emotional & Intercultural competence and how this works seamlessly with Emotional Resilience

  • Define how to develop emotional resilience in the workplace​

  • Recognise emotional triggers and automatic unplanned responses and, how to react, in order to build your resilience

  • Current issues within the workplace - mental and emotional health and wellbeing, bullying and harassment 

  • Recognise your emotional needs - explore relevant infrastructures, support networks and/or service providers

Delivered Virtually or Face-to-Face socially-distanced


Available as an in-house programme - socially distanced.  Contact us for more details