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A Time to Laugh; A Time to Cry and A Time to Purge...

"You have to first let go of the things you don't want to make space for what you do want." ~ M. R. Kologie ~

Can you believe it, we're here in the 4th quarter of 2018!

I'm sure if you look back (as I have), on the road you've travelled during 2018 and, the many things that have happened during this time, you'll understand why the title of this post is significant or even relevant. I had to really look back on the road I have travelled and, found that I had to go back to January 2017, to explore when things really started happening for me then, then I could fast-forward to the beginning of 2018.

For me, 2018 started off with a hive of activities and fun, which included new connections, friendships and collaborations; further invitations to speak at a couple of medical conferences (spoke at four conferences in 2017), also collaborating with individuals on a couple of initiatives and, then being commissioned to design and deliver a range of programmes within the healthcare arena, disseminating the principles of Emotional & Cultural Intelligence to clinical and non-clinical staff, administering EQ assessments as an integral part of their learning experience.

With the good comes the disappointing, unsavoury and unpleasant experiences, and although I was hurting then, it has taught me many things; one of the main things was that I couldn’t control what was happening around me or, what was being said about me and more to the point, the trolling that was subtlety happening as a result of it. What I could do, and will always do, is firstly #Forgive those who have chosen this route, not because they deserve it, it is so I can move on with my life free from the shackles that bind and secondly, not relinquish my #power or #energy in responding to anything that is derived from any of those types of negative comments or associations.

September means a lot to many people. For me, September means 'back to school.' Being a mother, I have a child ready to take his next steps into a new environment and school. We’ve had a major purging exercise in my household; discarding the old school uniform and school accessories, in order to make way for the new uniform and other things that are deemed necessary for the next stage of his educational journey. 

When I look at this scenario and exercise, I realise it is about having the right attitude and mindset to take on-board the unknown, with an open mind and willingness to learn as one forges ahead with goals and aspirations. I adopt these same principles and mindset in order to apply them to myself so, I’m giving myself #Permission to truly move on with my life, free from the residue of the past.

#Permission to Move On:

  • Yes, I have laughed and, will not be giving it up anytime soon, to make way for misery and its associates. Laughter is a tonic and has medicinal healing properties in order to lift one’s spirit.

  • Yes, I have cried, dried my eyes and cried a bit more. This I have done for many reasons: when my son graduated from his primary education and won the school’s top prize for the class of 2018… Oh yes, this extremely proud mama bawled her eyes out. I also cried for that which has hurt me in the past; but this was short lived, as at the same time I was hurting, I gave the hurt to the One Who Stops Us All from Falling… and in return, I received the gift of #Peace, peace that passes all understanding as the balm to soothe all the ails I felt.

  • Yes, I’ve purged, I’ve purged the things that are no longer viable, healthy for my spirit and wellbeing or developmental to my professional, personal or emotional growth.

I’m eagerly awaiting the future and, what may come… The possibilities are endless and as artistic and creative as we are in our own ways, we all need to step off our platforms to recharge and release in order for us to step up to our next venture.

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