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Let's Talk EI - Conversations with JAH -


Conversations with... Jacqueline A. Hinds

Harvey Deuschendorf, The EI Guy - The Power of Connection

Harvey Deuschendorf, The EI Guy talks about The Power of Connection. How emotional intelligence can boost our ability to make the connections in life that help us reach our potential and lead satisfying, fulfilling lives.

Conversations with... Jacqueline A. Hinds

Vanessa Vallely OBE, Founder WeAreTheCity

WeAreTheCity was founded by Vanessa Vallely, OBE in 2008 and, has over 120,000 professional female members and helps over 100 corporate companies to retain and develop their female talent. WeAreTheCity is also home to the Rising Star awards, the TechWomen100 awards, the WeAreFutureLeaders and WeAreTechWomen conference and, also hosts quarterly events through its Careers club, alongside a job board for its clients.


WeAreTheCity is also the organisation behind Gender Networks, the network for network leaders; they also provide services to corprorate organisations to help them to develop, attract and retain their female talent.

Conversations with... Jacqueline A. Hinds

Cedi Frederick, Managing Director, Article Consulting

Cedi Frederick, Managing Director, Article Consulting, has over 25 years’ Chief Executive level experience leading large and complex housing and social care organisations, working across a range of sectors including, older people with dementia, people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health problems. From Basketball to Boardroom - Listen to our Conversation, as Cedi shares his inspirational story, and takes us along his journey as a black person; rising to CEO level. Sharing nuggets of knowledge around the lessons he learnt along the way and, how basketball was the foundation stone along his career pathway and journey to leadership. about? What makes it interesting?  ~From Basketball to Boardroom - A Journey of Leadership~

Conversations with... Jacqueline A. Hinds

"Dr Hank" Clemons, President of The HLC Group Inc.,

Dr Hank Clemons is the president of The HLC Group, Inc. – specializing in Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management. Their classes are designed to help individuals understand their angers, stresses, and emotions, and their triggers and learn how to deal with each of them in a positive way.  Listen as Dr Hank introduces his new initiative and model entitled The S.M.A.R.T. Approach to Emotional Intelligence.

Conversations with... Jacqueline A. Hinds

Natasha Stromberg, CEO & Founder of Genderbuzz

Natasha Stromberg is the Founder and CEO of Genderbuzz an online directory site for female-led and female-owned businesses. Listen as Natasha speaks passionately about Inclusive Feminism and the quest for Gender Equality and issues such as the Gender Pay Gap and the #EthnicityPayGap movement. ~Inclusive Feminism and the quest for Gender Equality~

Conversations with... Jacqueline A. Hinds

David Truswell, Executive Director, Dementia Alliance for Culture & Ethnicity

David Truswell, Executive Director Dementia Alliance for Culture & Ethnicity and Trustee for Culture Dementia UK. Here David speaks about the impact and lack of services for dementia patients in the Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and migrant communities. ~Dementia in the Black & Minority Ethnic (BAME) and Migrant Communities~

Conversations with... Jacqueline A. Hinds

Conversations with... Dianne Greyson, Director of Equilibrium Mediation Consulting.  We'll be in discussion around The Ethnicity Pay Gap and the driving force and passion she feels about the issues; which is ultimately driving her forward with her #EthnicityPayGap Initiative movement which is gathering momentum. ~The #EthnicityPayGap~

She's The Boss

Daniella Genas

Daniella Genas has been doing extensive research on barriers to women starting and growing their businesses. One of her key findings is that there is a lack of visible role models being celebrated from a diverse range of backgrounds to inspire and motivate women at varying levels of their career journeys.

Taking Care of Her Business

Interview with Esther -  where she talks to businesswomen through Afrowoman Online a platform which is ‘Elevating & Empowering Professional Black Women Online’

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