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Emotional Health & Wellbeing Series
DURATION:  3 x 1-Hour Virtual Workshops
target audience: This workshop is targeted for anyone interested in learning strategies and coping mechanism to learn effective strategies and techniques to support them specifically within the working environment and during this pandemic and lockdown period.  Our goal is to support participants on how they can improve resilience and emotional wellbeing for themselves but, for those they have a duty of care towards.

The sessions are conducted within a culturally safe space and platform; tapping into and, enabling participants to explore emotional resilience and support infrastructures, within their current day-to-day roles; enabling them to upskill on the bite-sized elements delivered during the sessions.


  • Session 1: Strategies for Success - Exploring where individuals are now during this pandemic, discussing suitable strategies to help individuals to better cope with thoughts/feelings around how this pandemic is now affecting them and their work/life balance.


  • Session 2: Emotional Intelligence and Coping Mechanisms - Exploring the importance of understanding and tapping into Emotional Intelligence and, its role in supporting BME staff to understanding their emotions, enabling them to build robust coping mechanisms, support infrastructures and networks.


  • Session 3: Three key components of Emotional Resilience - Exploring the key components of Emotional Resilience to support them during this pandemic and, outlining the post-COVID-19 steps and further strategies they wish to adopt as an integral safeguarding stance moving forwards.

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