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Top Tips on Being More #EISavvy

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

If you are tuned out of your own emotions,

you will be poor at reading them in other people.

~ Daniel Goleman ~

Each year we get ourselves all excited about what's in store for us during the next coming new year and, more to the point, what it holds for us all as we continue on our own respective journey called Life. In my line of business, I consider myself #EISavvy in all I say and do... but it doesn't mean I'm perfect, far from it!!

I'm sure you will (as I have done), look back on your journey through the past years, the highs, lows and the downright devastating experiences you may have faced.

Whilst pondering these things, I want you to think about the new friendships made, and the ones that have been let go of because they have not been what you envisaged friendships should be or, the opportunities that have come your way, that have empowered you and spurred you on to do and fulfil long standing goals and aspirations you had all but given up on achieving due to fear of the unknown...

Whilst you self-reflect, I want you to take a really good look at yourself in the mirror and think back on your knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour over the year, with honesty.

Ask yourself:

  • How has my knowledge increased where personal and professional growth has been apparent and, ask yourself, how have I shared this knowledge with others, helping them to experience their own growth?

  • How have my skills enabled me to achieve and/or champion obstacles that have been in my pathway and, ask yourself, how have I mentored or coached others, helping them to sharpen and hone their skills to achieve and/or champion similar or the same obstacles I've faced?

  • How has your attitude enabled or, disabled a relationship, be it a working or social relationship(s) and, ask yourself, how can you rebuild these relationship(s) (only if I really want to), with a different attitude, mindset and context to the relationship(s) you've had?

  • How has your behaviour towards others been less than courteous or professional with people you know socially or professionally, who may have hurt you in some way with their behaviour towards you and, ask yourself, how can I overcome the urge to retaliate and treat others the way I've been treated by them?

Don't worry... I've asked myself the same questions and... I've answered them honestly, all of this whilst taking a good (close-up) look at myself in the mirror.

You see... when I first embarked on this exciting journey to empowerment (after deciding to go independent), I realised quite a few things... I really didn't know myself, or to put it this way... the new me that I was metamorphosing into!

A steep learning but enjoyable experience, was to delve into Emotional, Social & Cultural Intelligence. Being able to truly understand my emotions and that of other peoples' emotions and behaviours, irrespective of their working environment, culture, ethnicity or geographical location as part of my business offerings, has been rewarding beyond monetary realms.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is in Everything We Do! Not only was this very much an enlightening and rewarding experience, it was also a revelation. Revelation in the fact that, I had been utilising my EI skills for nearly 30 years in all the work I had undertaken and, the training and development initiatives I had disseminated in my varied roles as a Human Resource Development Specialist!

Not long to go now.... I can see the new bright and shining year coming up on the horizon!

Here are some top tips on being more #EISavvy during the year.



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