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Reverse Mentoring... Gaining True Perspective in Another's Shoes

"If you want to harvest in one year, grow a crop. If you want a harvest in ten years, grow trees. If you want a harvest that will last a lifetime, grow people." ~Chinese Proverb~

What is it about a Reverse Mentoring Programme that organisations, and more, importantly the C-Suite are now signing up to?

Like most things that are trending now, it's a bit like fashion, everyone is interested in it, trending it and showcasing it!

My question is...

Are you undertaking a Reverse Mentoring Partnership for the right reasons and, more to the point, what are going to be the tangible and developmental outcomes for mentor and mentee growth?

What can organisations do to ensure that it is done with all the good intentions this initiative is meant to provide?

I'm sure if we trawl the newsfeeds, we'll see a lot of dialogue from concerned or disgruntled individuals, vocalising their disappointment in organisations that are embarking on, or have undertaken such an initiative, for it to be seen and treated merely as a tick box exercise; in order to say they've done it.

Are you curious to find out how Reverse Mentoring can be of great benefit to all involved?


Read on... for some points to consider and, benefits that reverse mentoring can bring to the mentor, mentee and the organisation:

The Role of Service Providers:

  • Facilitative - Should be clear, concise and uncomplicated. Their role as facilitators is to create a positive and rewarding experience for both the mentor and mentee; empowering them to tap into their EQ and be more emotionally intelligent in their approach to the idea and concept of reverse mentoring.

  • Evaluative - Should be in a position and experienced to understand the strength and challenges with the pairing and partnerships of mentors and mentees. Ensuring a progressive stance is maintained with regular evaluation on programme and mentoring partnerships.

  • Transformative - Should be facilitative in the transformation of mentors and mentees throughout the duration of the programme. Having a clear understanding of each mentoring partnership, and the progress they have made along their mentoring journey. Transformation happens when mentors and mentees experience and can see their own growth as a result of the mentoring partnership and support they've received throughout the duration of the programme.

If you are thinking of introducing a Reverse Mentoring Programme within your organisation and, are interested in finding out more of what can be offered to you from an emotionally intelligent approach and service provision... Contact me



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