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A New Decade, A Positive Mindset: Emotional Resilience in the Workplace

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

“Sometimes the most beautiful people are beautifully broken" ~ R. M. Drake ~

Happy New Year and New Decade Everyone!

Now... Let's get down to business... because, if you hadn't noticed, the time seems to speeding up and, I know we've all got a lot of mileage to cover before we once again, find ourselves here, whether it's on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or any other media platform we wish to connect and wish our contacts, friends and families, the heartiest of best wishes for the new year dawning or dawned.

We are in a new year and a new decade and for me, I feel things that the things we often spoken of seeing the changes in, will not happen unless we show by example and make those in-roads to the changes or, provide a platform where we can collaborate, facilitate or have those meaningful conversations with those who want it!

In September 2019 I published my first book entitled Journey to Empowerment: Tackling the bullies within, which draws the reader into my world and journey of bullying, harassment and, where people in positions of power use this to suppress and oppress others. This is by no means a 'boo hoo, look what they did to me book', it is my personal journey and story of how I tapped into my emotional intelligence to gain emotional resilience.

Unfortunately, bullying and harassment is very much the reality of many people in the workplace today and, not many people have the support to help them through their challenges. I was fortunate to have a sound and supportive infrastructure and, thank the Lord, I was able to come through the other side intact and, to be in a position to develop and support others who are going through challenges within their respective workplaces.

It truly is a lonely road to travel...

You see, not everyone can be resilient when facing adverse situations in the workplace. Fortunately for me, whilst I was going through my 'trials and tribulations', I was training, coaching and supporting others going through the same things.

My own healing came about through supporting others along their own respective journey but, not only that, I was able to share with them practical tools and techniques to signpost them to the right people who could further support them. I also engaged in coaching partnerships, where I would coach them around how to effectively document incidents and more importantly, helping them to understand the policies and procedures that are put in place to support them. Having a voice is so important for anyone, whether in the workplace or elsewhere; knowing what your rights are is even more important when facing adverse treatment, behaviour or being in a situation that is unwarranted and uncomfortable.

I recently had a conversation with a young lady about emotional resilience and the fact that the experience; more often than not, leaves the individual fractured. The sad thing is, without proper support, the individual may remain fractured indefinitely; a shadow of their former self. This led our conversation into a deeper discussion around the meaning of what being 'fractured' does to a person and, this so inspired her to post something about Expansion (the bronze statue of a woman meditating) and what the concept symbolises. 

I mentioned to her in conversation that during 2020, I would be launching my Emotional Resilience in the Workplace workshops. Through conversations on LinkedIn, tweets and conversations I've had with others, I realise that some form of support is very much needed more now than ever! Mental health issues are coming to the fore now where individuals can no longer go on suffering in silence due to pressures they face inside and outside of their working environment.

Now taking bookings! The First 10 People who sign up for this workshop on 30th March 2020, will receive a free signed copy of my book: Journey to Empowerment: Tackling the bullies within. Details are here on Eventbrite



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