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About Wilson Hinds Consulting

My name is Jacqueline Hinds, a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and Leadership Consultant.  People are my passion and, my aim is to help you and others to realise their full potential in achieving your goals and aspirations. As the owner of Wilson Hinds Consulting, I have a proven track record of successfully designing bespoke initiatives and delivering a range of services that spans over 20 years in emotional intelligence, personal development, women’s empowerment, coaching, leadership, and management development.  Let me help you to Realise, Unlock and Release your Potential...

Helping and Supporting You

For as far back as I can remember, I have been supporting and helping individuals from all walks of life and professions; to realise their true potential and tap into their own cornucopia of knowledge, skills, and expertise, some of which were latent and/or long forgotten. The reward for me, is to see individuals realise their true potential, develop this and spread their wings taking flight onto new ventures in their career or pursuing and achieving long-standing goals and aspirations that they had all but given up hope on.

A real turning point for me was during my early twenties when I had my confidence significantly knocked after I sought to gain the necessary accreditation in order to crystallise my passion to train people. This incident took me down a pathway of self-discovery, enlightenment and a steep learning curve into areas and, an upskill that I would never have considered exploring or attaining. I am humbled and grateful for the experiences and journey I have taken to this juncture in my Life Journey.

My Business, My Passion

People empowerment has been my passion for as long as I can remember, in fact, it is coded within my DNA. I’m now in a position to share my knowledge to help others to develop and grow within areas they feel they need support; boosting their morale or uplifting their spirits to achieve and progress.

I pride myself on my ability to bring out the best in people by using storytelling, coaching, varied contemporary training tools, and by being person-centred and solution-focused in helping and supporting individuals, teams, and organisations to meet overall visions, values, and key objectives. I’m full of fun, passionate about people, and can utilise my skills and expertise to energise, enthuse, and motivate people.

I looking forward to helping you to… Realise Your True Potential.

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